Why a Relationship Coach?

Why a Relationship Coach?

Let’s start with a bit of brutal honesty. Guys don’t typically seek relationship coaching. It’s more likely it wouldn’t happen at all if it was up to the guy—he’ll usually reluctantly agree when his girl sees the value of it and he realizes he can’t easily wiggle out. There’s good news girls. After one session his tune will change.

It’s that perception this will be some kind of therapy or counseling session that has him feeling like he’s being backed into a corner. Gust will diffuse that. No one wants to be psycho analyzed and that’s not going to happen. What really happens is you get a clearer understanding of each other and your relationship flourishes. Even a guy can appreciate that.

All those hardships, disappointments, and challenges that life throws out at you can strengthen you and draw you closer together when you’re prepared to deal with them. So drag him by the hand, find some amusement in his deer in the headlights look in his eyes, and enjoy the better man that he will become in the process.


We have had the pleasure of working with and being challenged in our relationship with Gust for four months. In those months we have found him to be passionate about his work, passionate about our relationship, and willing to pursue the hard truths, even when we don’t want to. We can honestly say that we are stronger and communicating better because of the wonderful work that Gust has done and continues to do.
We, from the beginning, told Gust that we wanted to be pushed. We are both strong personalities, and without the challenge, neither of us thought that Gust would be a benefit. And he delivered. But don’t for a second think that he is all fire and brimstone, iron sharpening iron in the forge—he certainly has the ability to “read the room” and lead with finesse when we needed it.
We look forward to continuing our coaching with Gust and utilizing his life experiences, to help us pursue our relationship goals, dreams, and future.
Gust, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting and encouraging our relationship, you have truly made a difference.