Meet the Relationship Coach

Gust Bassianotis is the relationship coach behind Living Happily Twogether but let’s say up front he is not an idealist. That may seem a strange way to begin an introduction, but if you’re receiving relationship coaching like Gust provides, you can take comfort in knowing he’s been tested in the proverbial furnace of real life.

You can also take confidence in Gust’s professional credentials:

  • He’s helped hundreds of couples over more than 40 years
  • He’s considered one of the best and most qualified relationship experts
  • He’s impacted countless lives through international speaking engagements, seminars, and radio appearances
  • He’s developed a reputation for being compassionate, innovative, insightful, and skillful in quickly diagnosing relationship issues

Successful relationships serve as an anchor in an otherwise lonely life. We thrive on relationships, they are crucial to the human condition, but they are not automatic. They require something that many of us struggle with—effort and guidance. Real life involves heartache, disappointment, pain, but also joy, love, laughter, and people to share it with.

A relationship coach is not someone who always paints a rosy picture or tells you what you want to hear, that person is a mentor, usually has a great deal of battle scars, and helps you navigate real life which rarely matches the Hollywood version made to sell movie tickets. Your relationships are both intangible and invaluable. A coach helps you keep focused.

Gust's not seeking fame or fortune with his coaching. It’s doubtful there’s any to be had. This is a charitable, non-profit endeavor to help make the world a better place and to help you avoid mistakes that we are all prone to make left to our own devices. There are time proven principles that just simply work if you put them into practice.

Contact Gust to benefit from his experience and time honored wisdom. In a world that always seeks the new and trendy, sometimes you need to look to what has proven to work over the centuries.


From the very first on-line coaching session with Gust, we could see he was someone who genuinely understands people, and because of his experiences, he could empathize with our relationship challenges.
Amazingly, he challenged us to “dig deeper” and find our solutions that were already there—we just could not see them.
He covered topics that were relevant to us and explored our hearts and feelings helping us to gain a clearer perspective on our responsibilities to build a stronger relationship.
We discovered a warm, friendly, sincere and logical man who understands life and who knows how to win. After our four sessions with Gust, we knew we were on our way to a relationship transformation.
We highly recommend Gust.