Building Relationships with Gust Bassianotis

Your home and your car are not your most valuable assets. The companion you share your closest relationship with is the most valuable thing you possess. Gust Bassianotis has helped hundreds of couples experience stronger, happier relationships.

Just having an objective, outside perspective is inherently beneficial, but Gust adds more than 40 years experience and keen insight. Couples routinely report experiencing refreshment and revitalization after their coaching sessions.

Gust's calm demeanor combined with his compassion and innovation will steer you through relationship issues and plot a course to effective solutions. Or, better yet, help you avoid relationship issues before they escalate.

Example Relationship Topics Gust Covers

Money and Finances

Money is the #1 destroyer of relationships. Well, that is sort of true. Statistically it's true but money is simply a tool. It does not have to be a source of conflict in your relationship.

Setting Your Priorities

Successful relationships involve compromise on both sides. Fights are the result of differences that can be celebrated rather than causing conflict. Perspective changes everything.

Living Happily Unmarried

There are countless reasons couples may choose to have a relationship and remain unmarried. But the fact that you want to live happily together is universal and Gusto can help you with that.

Living Happily Married

The statistics for living happily married together are not encouraging but that's partly why relationship coaching is so important. Life happens, so be prepared for it ahead of time.

Compatibility is Your Choice

We are all unique—every one of us. The beauty of being human and being in a relationship is we get to make choices. Regardless of the stage of your relationship, Gusto can help.

Blended Families

Blended families are now very common but also present special challenges. Gusto can provide insights to help reduce the stress and his processes alone bring therapeutic perspective.